In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth" and saw that it was good, God created the stars, separated the waters of the habitable earth, created the plants, birds and every land animal, sea and rivers. "And God saw that it was good" and all this handed to man ...

And the troubles began ...

Man in his excessive desire for conquest, domination and selfishness used the resources that were put to his charge, crossed the bounds of reason, throwing the global ecosystem out of balance and jeopardizing its own existence.

Today, governments and peoples around the world have come to realize the terrible reality of the progressive and irreversible deterioration in many cases, of the global ecosystem.

Alliance SA and AIDSA are two companies involved in the protection of our ecosystem and environment. We are an essential part of the great mandates of this generation, protect the environment and ensured a better quality of life for future generations.

Allow us to assist you in this imminent and necessary end of protecting the environment for ourselves and our future generations.