We will be leaders in the management and disposal of controlled and uncontrolled waste, both solid and liquid. Using sophisticated industrial equipment approved by regulatory environmental agencies as a method of work, emphasizing in prevention and on the service provided to our customers as a means to achieve excellence in our operations.


To be the best option in the Caribbean to manage and dispossed of solid, liquids, controlled and not controlled waste for the local and internationally market.

Quality Policy

We will be the best alternative that our Customers will have in the management, provision and reuse of discarded materials. We will comply with the requirements of our clients and enviromental agencies Protecting the environment, always!


AIDSA is the first and only company in its genre in the country to be certified by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Permit No. Secretary of State for Public Health and the State Department of Agriculture, with the Human Resources and appropriate technology for handling, manage and disposed of controlled and uncontrolled waste.