AIDSA is the only company that has environmental permits for handling, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes in the Dominican Republic. In addition we handle non-hazardous materials and the disposal of international waste and biomedical waste.

We have three incinerators with capacity for destruction of 12,000 pounds per day and two autoclave for sterilization of biomedical materials and international garbage. (The latter as required by law in the Dominican Republic are incinerated). The sterilization area we have the capability to process 10,000 pounds per day.

We have a treatment plant were we are able to process acids or alkaline corrosive materials. We can handle up to 20,000 gallons per day. We have a fluorescent lamp crusher with HEPA filters for the destruction of these, once the lamps have been crushed the material is then stored and sent to a company based in Indianapolis, USA. We are the only company in the Dominican Republic, which was visited by a group of environmental technicians, provided by the Ministry of Environment. Environmental technicians not only visited our facilities, but also visited the facilities of the company receiving the ground material located in Indianapolis, USA, to verify and certify the operations of this process in both companies.

All our materials are destroyed through flammable Fuel Blending method. This is when the materials are destroyed and at the same time are recycled as fuel for our machines.

We have an industrial refrigerator for up to 40 meters of material requiring refrigeration, giving our customers the opportunity to keep the material free of putrefaction, frozen before being incinerated.

We have a lab where the ash, air emissions and liquid pH (corrosive) are tested.

We have a fleet of five trucks with containers from 20 to 24 feet and also three tractors (Patan) for the movement of the containers.

We have 22 containers to transport your goods or materials if you need large volumes of materials to be transported. We are specialists in waste management and our costs are very competitive in the market.


AIDSA is the best and most complete option in the management and disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous waste.